In Peru, we have areas producing the highest quality coffee, one of which is Cajamarca. There, during Mater's travels, and thanks to Harrysson Neira support, we established direct contact with the Rubio family, owners of the San Francisco farm in Jaén, in the Peruvian northern upper forest. 

They offer an exotic coffee of the Tabi variety. Tabi is a very resistant variety, with extraordinary aromatic characteristics, that also grows between 1750 and 1800 metres above the sea level, between mango and pacae trees, as well as other local crops.

The Rubio family opened the doors of their farm to us, to observe the coffee plantations first hand, and to record the processing methods that this product goes through until it reaches our hands in Lima. Then, it is in Café Neira where the roasting is carried out, to guarantee the best result and take advantage of all the qualities of its high altitude origin.

Maria Alejandra Martinez