mater in lima


In the beginning, we looked to understand the origins of products from Peru’s diverse regions. This process allowed us to travel the length and breadth of the country, getting to know a multitude of landscapes, dynamics and personalities. We gathered information that built the foundation for our research, carried out by external collaborators. Anthropologists, biologists, archaeologists, architects, botanists, artists, linguists, and experts from other disciplines began to join the team, all of which share with us the desire to render more visible the nature and complexity of this land. Each contribution is valuable, offering fresh viewpoints and new opportunities that broaden our vision. Peru's borders, however, do not define our efforts, and this is why we talk about Mater on a global scale, a replicable work method for research and interpretation, based on a deeper understanding.

In Lima, we share our space with Central, Kjolle and Mayo Bar. From here, we design projects that engage us all.

mater in cuzco


Fieldwork is carried out at our Cuzco headquarters (Mil Centro, Moray). We welcome volunteers who propose projects that are aligned with our values, focused on keeping us connected with neighboring peasant communities or within the greater Cuzco region, with local producers, artisans and foragers, as well as with the environment.

Kacllaraccay and Mullaka´s – Misminay are two of Mil Centro’s neighboring communities. Their inhabitants are members of our farms’ work teams, they collaborate in bio-garden projects and the gathering of botanicals, among other things.