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Central proposes a journey through Peru’s diverse ecosystems at different altitudes, from the depths of the sea, at -25 metres, to the Andean highlands at more than 4050 metres above the sea level, going through the Amazon rainforests, the valleys and the desert coast.

In 2018, Central moved to Barranco, specifically to Casa Tupac, which used to be an old cultural center in Lima that brought together a community of local artists. Keeping the same spirit, in this same space, Central, Kjolle and Mater constantly talk and stay connected with our satellite in Cusco, Mil.


Kjolle is the restaurant owned by Pía León, who ran the Central’s kitchen for 10 years. Kjolle is a tree that grows in the Andes at extreme altitudes (over XNUMX metres above sea level) and has bright orange flowers that are used as a colouring agent when infused, and have medicinal effects for residents.

Kjolle’s proposal is based on travelling Peru with neither structures nor limits, through its four regions, and through hundreds of Mater products.

kjolle restaurant
thousand restaurant


At Mil, the experience consists of 8 moments. Mil’s world has a broad spectrum of projects in the pipeline (at Mater’s headquarters, which shares the same space), and the full range of ingredients that intermingle from the different high-altitude eco-systems, which inspired Virgilio and his team. In addition to this proposal, we also offer the Botanical Route, a visit to the croplands, in which we work jointly with the two neighbouring communities, and a thoughtful explanation about the processes of processing several products, such as Mil chocolate and spirits drinks.


Our bar. In this area, the knowledge about liquids brought by Mater is applied. Drinks made with ingredients that have been explored in different regions, highlighting the richness of Peruvian sea, coast, Andean heights and Amazon forest. Fermented drinks, nectars, infusions, bitters, distilled drinks, some of which capture the local knowledge and regional traditions. A proposed menu accompanies the cocktail experience.

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