Divesh Baxani developed some technical sheets for the different types of mushrooms found in Cuzco.

Divesh Baxani is a doctor and researcher at Cardiff University. He was in Peru researching about the different species of mushroom found in Cusco. Through his research, he discovered that the communities consume several species that could be a meat substitute, such as Morchella mushroom. He also found a specie called Seta or Zeta mushroom, which grows at 3600 meters above the sea level, and is sold in the San Pedro market. In Cuzco, people prepare a typical dish called k'apchi of zetas with this mushroom.

There are other species still unknown, so having these sheets is very important to keep researching about and making more known these homegrown products. In the future, Divesh expects to develop a supply system for these mushrooms, which will allow preservation of the Andean ecosystem.

Divesh Baxani Kamal