Mater Iniciativa is an interdisciplinary organization that aims to articulate knowledge through research, interpretation and cultural expressions.

We are a place of learning, experimentation and cultural communication in which it is sought to satisfy curiosity by making accessible the information that is gathered, to promote creativity, to arise emotions in people through art and performance, to transcend by teaming up and creating concepts that have positive impacts, and to preserve agrobiodiversity and cultural features of the different human groups that we approach.

Mater's work goes through the design of kitchen concepts with identity, such as Central, Kjolle and Mil (in Cusco), and designing or facilitating the execution of projects in various areas (Art, Culture, Cuisine, Academy) always in line with our values.


Mater I.A. is our Cuisine Experimentation Area, in which Mater’s knowledge finds out how to be applied in food and beverages. Projects selected by our team are developed here for the outcomes to be enshrined in our cuisine concepts.



Versatility. Be flexible and able to adapt to new worlds is crucial. Every approach to a new community is both a learning process and the beginning of cultural exchange.

Healthy social relationships. We are close to people and keep communication channels open.

Teamwork. It is essential for us that people work to the best of their abilities. Every role is important, and every function valuable. Each one of us is a leading player.

Reflection. Since we open new paths and restlessly remain questing and evolving, we know how important it is to value each step we take and assessing ourselves.

Explore out of the comfort zone. Venturing to meet the new implies quitting the routine and explore beyond the limits to reach the opportunities that are given.

More resources. We are always looking for new possibilities, tools and ways to do things. Less talk, More actions

Adaptability. Because the environment of each place is different, as well as the social dynamics, cultural features and personal experiences.


Promote megadiversity without borders. Be a source of knowledge for the world about food; educating, raising awareness and conveying knowledge. Design food experiences that communicate values such as connectivity (with nature and between people), cultural identity, respect and care for the environment around us.


To have a positive and inclusive impact in the world through a deep understanding of food, natural, social media and environment.