Mater Iniciativa is an interdisciplinary organization that aims to articulate knowledge through research, interpretation and cultural expressions.

We are a place of learning, experimentation and cultural communication seeking to satisfy curiosity by sharing our findings. We aim to promote creativity and spark emotions through art and performance, we wish to transcend boundaries by collaborating and creating concepts with positive impacts, we want to preserve agrobiodiversity and the cultural features of the various human groups we approach.

Mater creates gastronomic concepts with distinct identities for Central, Kjolle, Mayo (Lima), and Mil (Cuzco), the organization also designs and facilitates the implementation of cultural-, culinary- and academic projects that align with our values.


Mater I.A. is our Culinary Experimentation Area, a space where Mater’s discoveries are explored and applied in a food- and beverage context. This is where select projects, chosen by our team, are developed and enshrined in our gastronomic concepts.



Versatility. Being flexible and able to adapt to unfamiliar worlds is crucial. Every approach to a new community is both a learning process and the beginning of a cultural exchange.

Healthy social relationships. Keeping all communication channels open is critical to learning and building relationships.

Teamwork. It is essential that people work to the best of their abilities. Every role is important, and every function is valuable. Each one of us is a leading team player.

Reflection. Forging new paths, staying perpetually curious and evolving requires self-reflection and careful evaluation of all actions and steps taken.

Exploring beyond the comfort zone. New opportunities can only be had by avoiding the routine and venturing into the unknown.

Resourcefulness. Less talk and more action will lead to new possibilities, new tools and better work methods. More actions

Adaptability. It is imperative to be flexible and versatile as all environments differ and possess their own social dynamics, cultural features and personal experiences.


To promote mega diversity without borders. To be a global source of information about food. To educate, raise awareness and impart knowledge. To design food experiences that transmit values such as cultural identity, respect and care for the environment and connectivity with nature and people.


To have a positive and inclusive impact on the world through a deep understanding of food, nature and social environments.