Essential oils

Inspired by Mil’s experience, we have developed, jointly with Inkalys, 100% pure handcrafted essential oils. They are made from wild botanical blends, collected with sustainable methods in the surroundings of Sacsayhuaman and Pisaq, in Cuzco. They are produced in the Sacred Valley by steam distillation in cooper.

This is an ideal blend to be used with a diffuser to purify the environment; it also can be used for inhalation, is an excellent expectorant and airway antiseptic

They come in three forms:

Andean Spirit: eucalyptus, muña, juñuca, molle.

Alma Mil: Palo Santo, Juà ± uca, Arrayan, Copaiba.

Alturas: mint, molle, ginger, fennel, peppermint.