Corinna Silva-Rodriguez

Corinna Silva- Rodríguez Bonazzi learned to craft ceramic from her grandmother at a very young age. She studied Graphic Design in Peru, and then travelled to the United States where she got a major at the Otis/Parsons School of Design located in Los Angeles, California. She worked as a designer in the United States and Mexico. After several years out of her country, she decided to come back to Lima, where she combines her design practice with been a ceramist. In 2005, she founded Cotto Designs, her own studio, where she conducts workshops with local and international artists, as well as she produces tableware pieces intended for restaurants like ours.

The first tableware pieces for Central were produced by Cotto Designs. It was intimate learning for both of them, in which Virgilio was involved in each step of the process. Since then, we were looking for tableware that depicts the restaurant's philosophy and conveys messages of nature, textures and colours, beyond the food contained on it. Today, Corina and we continue producing unique pieces for Mil and Kjolle.