Roxana Artacho

Roxana Artacho is a Peruvian ceramist and photographer. She began her career as a press photographer, which led her to live in Russia, where she discovered the world of ceramics. Later, when living in Los Angeles, she learnt the Kintsugi technique, the Japanese art of repairing broken pieces and offering them a second life. After several years, she decided to come back to Lima, where she has been closely related to the world of arts organizing exhibitions like “Resiliencia”, an exhibition consisting of 25 pieces created using the kintsugi technique and which say something about her personal process.

Jointly with Roxana, we wanted to bring life to the tableware pieces that were part of Central’s history and are very valuable for us. Despite the breakages, every piece can tell a little about who we are. By repairing them through this technique and using gold threads, we have added them higher value and transformed in a piece of art that you can acquire to write a new life over its former one at Central.