Moray's archaeological complex is a breath-taking Inca site, which is still a great mystery to be solved by Peruvians. MIL is located precisely next to the central circumference. In our beginnings, we learned that one of the theories about its "role" was that it was a centre for agricultural experimentation. However, there were other versions as it could have been a great work of hydraulic engineering, or a place of worship to Inca gods.

With the arrival of Marc Cárdenas, an archaeologist and gastronome of the Basque Culinary Center, we had an opportunity of reviewing this topic in further detail.

He performed an extensive literature review that allowed us to reach a conclusion from the analysis of several previous studies. Moray is an agricultural centre for adaptation of species to different altitudes. Each circular terrace divided into sections represents different microclimates and offers necessary conditions for diverse crops to grow, to feed an empire like that. We can give a symbolic meaning of circularity to its muyus (circles), and thus think about a more sustainable way of agriculture in our country.

Marc cardenas

Archaeologist and Gastronome