Turu Maki is a Quechua word meaning "clay hands", and it is the name the Mullaka's- Misminay women, a peasant community nearby MIL, choose to name the pottery workshop. 

The project sets out for recognition and identification of useful clay that prevail in the community’s surrounding natural environment. The pottery workshop was organised to research on and take advantage of different types of clays available, as well as a mean of artistic exploration with this material. Peruvian plastic artist Valeria Figueroa conceptualised the project, jointly with a group of women from the community, who guided collection and differentiation of clay, based on their understanding of their environment. 

Through this proposal, we make useful pieces bringing MIL closer to its surrounding natural and social environment, evoking connections with landscape, elements and people who inhabit there.

Valeria figueroa

Plastic Artist