The botanical dyeing workshop, created and self-managed by 20 women from Kacllaraccay community, in Maras, Cusco, is named Warmi, which means woman in Quechua. The project stems from a joint exploration carried out by Giulia Pompilij, an Italian designer, and Ceferina Atau, current coordinator of the workshop and a community member. Together they extracted more than 50 colours from botanicals collected on the Apu Wañinmarcca foothills, to obtain and represent the colours that characterise the mountain during the dry and rainy seasons.

The experimentation strengthens in an ongoing workshop, which gathers a group of women weekly, who collect botanicals from the area and dye alpaca wool, based on the seasonable colour palette. 

Through Mater Sostiene, we make the products commercially available to promote the workshop's sustainability and to drive additional revenue for the women part of it. We encourage continuity of natural dyeing and connection with the surrounding environment.

Giulia Pompilj

Textile Design