Named Sacha a Quechua word standing for plant or wild, is the name of a loom workshop using vegetable fibres. It is a part of an experimental project led by textile designer Nada Atalla, in collaboration with a group of women from the community of Kacllaraccay, neighbouring MIL.

The proposal consists of creating added-value pieces by taking advantage of the ancestral know-how on the waist loom technique that prevails in the local community. Vegetable fibres and stems resulting from local farm waste are included in the textile fabric. Handcrafted tablemats, table runners and coasters spread over the table conjuring up to their food origin. They loom from a combination of alpaca wool, corn leaves and maguey threads, inputs that are previously naturally coloured with dyeing botanicals collected in the nearby by the women themselves.  

We encourage the sale of these pieces through Mater Sostiene. Our aim is to support the workshop and provide an additional income to the women who are part of it, as well as promoting the ancestral practice of waist looming.